It is women’s natural desire to be beautiful. They will be fascinated by a magic called “make-up” when they reach certain age.Once being fascinated, they need a wand to do the magic – the brush.

She wants to find the perfect brush but it is not easy. If you want one with high quality, you have to pay high, if you want to pay low, you get low quality. It is like drawing lots with no reward everytime. One morning few years ago, she decided to give up searching in the market. She got a strong determination to create one perfect brush for herself, and for every woman! She researched and investigated in different brushes and tried hard to control the costs as well, these efforts are only for one sole purpose – to bring one more choice for everyone of you. She is the founder of Zoay, a lady with perseverance and energy. She has created this collection of magical brush with the wish that even Zoay may not be the biggest brand at the moment,it can still let girls find their own magical brush with a reasonable price notwithstanding such a keen competition in the market. We hope every girl can be like Zoay, by possessing the passion to be pretty, create a wonderful life for themselves!