S03 Blending Brush - ZOAY 專業化妝掃

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S03 Blending Brush


Freshly released by ZOAY DELUXE, the blending brush pursues the top of smoothness by adopting the extra fine synthetic fiber as its bristles. Your facial contour can be polished by the brush with its excellent performance of holding highlighting and contouring powder.

Suggested Usage:
Dab the highlighting or contouring powder to blend it into your skin for polishing the cheekbone, brow bone, nose bridge, and chin. It is also helpful to give a hold to the foundation layer that foundation brush could not do for the detail parts, such as nose wings and crease, so as to set and perfect your makeup.

The brush should be cleaned with cosmetic cleanser and placed in dry environment for natural evaporation for the sake of the maintenance of bristles quality and shape.

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