ZOAY Deluxe Full Makeup Brush Set - ZOAY 專業化妝掃

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ZOAY Deluxe Full Makeup Brush Set

$383.00 $138.00

ZOAY DELUXE, a brand new series launched by ZOAY

-completely handmade with the selection of an extra professional technology, making the quality, density, as well as the performance in holding power increase.
-The bristles for brushes adopted by ZOAY were designed by a professional team in furtherance of the pursuit of outstanding cosmetic effects
-This provides you another amazing choice on top of the ZOAY series.

Full Set of ZOAY DELUXE:
S01 Precision Powder Brush
S02 Intensive Foundation Brush
S03 Blending Brush
S04 Angled Shading Brush
S05 Contour Pencil Brush

Synthetic Fiber